This year, von Rundstedt is again collaborating with HR TODAY to conduct a major survey on current trends and developments in the Swiss job market. In addition to exploring general trends, the survey takes a close look at topics pertaining to employees in the over-50 age group. Two surveys are being conducted in parallel: one is addressed to HR managers and employers, and the other is addressed to employees in the over 50s age group. Through having separate surveys we will be able to compare and correlate the views of the interviewees, which in some ways may differ considerably.

This survey, for employees over the age of 50, consists of three parts:
(1) General information about you and your employer
(2) Questions about your experiences with employers
- Personal feelings
- Experiences when applying for jobs
- Experiences with HR development
- Experiences with employability
- Experiences with inclusion
- Experiences with terminations
(3) Questions about general trends in the job market

The survey is anonymous. Your answers and information will be guaranteed complete confidentiality. You will need about 15 minutes to answer the questions.