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For the fourth year running, von Rundstedt, together with HR TODAY, is conducting a large market survey on current trends and phenomena in the Swiss job market. In addition to general trend phenomena, this year's survey focuses mainly on the topic of "termination practices". We want to find out what the dismissal practice of companies based in Switzerland look like. In doing so, we would also like to find out to what extent the currently difficult job market conditions in the context of COVID-19 are changing and shaping this practice.

This survey is aimed at HR managers, executives and employees of small to large companies.

The survey is structured as follows:
  1. General information about you and your employer
  2. Questions about dismissal practice
  • Scope of dismissal
  • Profiles of those affected
  • Reasons for dismissal
  • Mass dismissals
  • Individual dismissals
  • Support for those affected
  • References & testimonials
  • Dismissals in lockdown (COVID)
    3. Questions on general trends in the job market

The survey is anonymous. 

Your individual answers and information remain completely confidential. You will need about 15 minutes to complete the survey.